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eCommerce and Data Management

Making Your Data More Insightful

With innovative vision, industry experience, and in-depth knowledge, WebTech is committed to deliver valuable returns to the modern businesses by enhancing the quality of data generated on an everyday basis for improved decision-making processes.

Major eCommerce and Data Management Solutions We Specialize In

Be it is about customer relationship, market analysis, investment decisions, business process, or any business specific function, you need well-consolidated data assets. This is what we help you attain in a proficiently effective manner. Our Major data management services are:

Data Entry Services

Our remote data entry services come with a quality assurance. We take care of the data load that your business gets on an everyday basis. From Image Data Entry Services to Real Estate Data Entry, Accounting Data Entry Services to Textual Data Entry, and PDF Data Entry, we list your data resources appropriately and adequately so that they can contribute to decision making without much efforts. Our online data entry services, with a focus on quality and security, ensure that all your important information get stored accurately and timely.

Data Refining Services

Our data processing services include utilization of latest tools and techniques to refine datasets in the required manner. We understand the importance of processing data precisely for driving maximum value out of it. Whether you want to streamline the order processing, form processing, credit card processing, or any other compilation services, we offer reliable, accurate, and current data refining services to ensure the quality of every dataset processed or refined.

Data Enrichment Services

Our filtration services are basically data enrichment services that enhance the quality of data resources you have by eliminating redundancy. We simply cleanse, standardize, organize, validate, and verify all your data assets to transform them into reliable information sources, ensuring that they are completely error-free, valuable, well-formatted and up-to-date. We utilize the best cleansing tools as well as manual procedures to deliver best results.

Data Validation and Verification Services

It is significantly important for any organization to have 100% accurate and authenticated database to launch successful marketing campaigns. We have a team of skilled professionals to take care of validation and verification of your new and existing customers’ data assets. Our experienced team utilizes the avant-garde tools and technologies for data matching & de-duplication to ensure accuracy, consistency, and quality of every data type including addresses, contact numbers, email, postal codes, etc.

Data Mining Services

Quality data fosters quality business experiences! We ensure that the consistency of quality data never breaks by adopting the best industrial practices and methodologies of web research. We cover a wide array of online resources, business directories, blogs and forums, social networking sites, industry publications, as well as B2B and B2C websites and portals to extract the most accurate data relevant to your eCommerce store.

We have extended our array of data management services to the major eCommerce platforms including Magento, eBay Store Design, Magento 2.0, nopCommerce, NetSuite, Brightpearl, Volusion, OpenCart, X-Cart, etc. so to customize them as per your specified requirements and help you set up a successful eCommerce store.

Our objective is to provide you a better control over your eCommerce division in terms of inventory, display, offers, discounts, and deals on the products you offer while reducing your efforts in learning database management.

Our eCommerce & Data Management Services


  • Data Entry, Processing, Capture
  • Real Estate Data Entry
  • Online & Offline Data Entry Services
  • Image Data Entry Services
  • Document Management Services
  • Data Extraction Services
  • Invoices and Bills Data Entry Services


  • Magento Data Entry
  • Shopify Data Entry
  • Yahoo Data Entry
  • 3dCart Product Entry
  • Zen Cart Product
  • Volusion Product Entry
  • OpenCart Product Upload

Market Place

  • Amazon Product Listing
  • Ebay Product Listing
  • Rakuten Product Listing
  • Esty Product Listing
  • Alibaba Product Listing
  • Sears Product Listing
  • Walmart Product Listing

Why Choose Us

Our dedication and commitment to deliver valuable results set us apart from others in the industry. We stand true to our capability of enhancing the quality of data due to:


We work with great precision to store, refine, and refine your data assets. We rather store poor quality assets individually to avoid any harm to the overall quality of your valuable data resources.

Skilled Team

We, at Global Web Tech India, have a skilled and proficient team to take care of all your data and document management needs. Every team member understands the value each data asset holds.

Right People

We have designated experienced professionals at every level to manage every project with competency and accuracy in order to maintain consistency in our quality performance and deliverables.

Trial to Test

We offer free sample services to help you have a clear idea of how we work. It also helps us understand your requirements in a practical manner. This ensures a fair agreement between both the parties.

Affordable Pricing

After having a comprehensive idea about the nature of the job you want to assign us, we come up with the affordable pricing models – be it hourly based, fixed or dedicated for maximum transparency.

Ensured Data Security

We sign a non-disclosure agreement to offer complete assurance about the security of your crucial data assets that you hand over to us for refining, verification, validation, or cleansing.

Bring Your Challenges to Us

Are you facing troubles in maintaining and managing accuracy, consistency, and reliability in your data assets? Reach us at [email protected] and we will offer you the suitable eCommerce Data Management solutions after closely analyzing your business needs.

Let's Take Up Your Data Management Load

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