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Expand Your Customer Reach with Explicit Rakuten Product Listing Services

Enabling businesses to deliver an excellent shopping experience with wisely categorized products and attributes through our expert Rakuten listing services, Global Web Tech India ensures uncompromised quality. Our industrial experience can help you leverage unique marketplace features for closing more deals every day.

Our Prime Rakuten Product Listing Services

Global Web Tech India, with its experienced professionals, can help you expand the customer array on Rakuten marketplace with completely accurate and quick product listing. Our services are specifically designed to serve the purpose of enhancing your Rakuten presence without much efforts and ado. The prime services we specialize for Rakuten includes:

Creating Rakuten SKU Feeds

We have a group of industry professionals to help you list all your products and their variants in accordance with product and inventory feed guidelines listed by (i.e. Our experts take care of every information feed including Product ID, Brand Name, Manufacturer Name, Listing ID, Description, Price, Availability to be precisely entered in the SKU feed template. Moreover, we cross-check the same before upload for assured accuracy and quality.

Editing and Uploading Product Images

Our experienced image-editors keep in mind all the dimensions of the images specified by to come up with the clean images that can be easily uploaded on the platform. We never promise instant editing jobs as we understand the significance of following the specifications to get the image uploaded on time. Whether the image needs retouching, background enhancement/removal, cropping, masking, etc., we perform each job with utmost care till it gets upload.

Writing Product Descriptions

At, Global Web Tech India, have creatively skilled writers to write unique, crispy, and catchy pieces of descriptions to make your customers fall in love with the product in very first time. Our core focus remains in writing SEO friendly descriptions for every product that can fetch attention of search engines at the exact time when your prospects are searching for it. We ensure genuine information to be creatively coated for enhanced appearance and sales.

Managing Rakuten Product Categories and Attributes

In addition to creation of SKU feeds and appealing descriptions, we keep a close eye on keeping the product categories and attributes in absolute order. This ensures complete information for the buyers so that they don’t feel cheated and can confidently make their purchase with you. However, it is very important to build a trustworthy bond with your customers as they make the base of your business. And obviously, none wants its base to be a weak one, right?

Managing Rakuten Back Office Operations

We not only specialize the listing services, our experts have good experience with handling the back-office functions like order processing, inventory management, price comparison etc. as well. Our support services are designed to help business owners to focus on their core activities. We help them save ample of time and efforts to be invested in the things that can help business expand flawlessly while managing their Rakuten presence with complete efficiency.

Pump Up Your Customer Volume with Wide Rakuten Presence in No Time

Rakuten, aka, is one of the richest platforms for the estores that are looking forward to an expanded customer reach. It can be a tough ride without professional listing service providers. This is the reason, we, at Global Web Tech India, have expert staff to serve you better for Rakuten. From basic product addition to SKU creation, image editing to description writing, and bulk uploading to managing the existing entries, we have a solution for every business need of yours.

Our Rakuten professionals can help you with the back-office operations as well, in addition to front store activities listed above. We strive for improved customer reach in order to push your business to a whole new level of success, setting milestones for others.

Why Choose Us

Our dedication and commitment to deliver valuable results set us apart from others in the industry. We stand true to our capability of enhancing the quality of data due to:


We work with great precision to store, refine, and refine your data assets. We rather store poor quality assets individually to avoid any harm to the overall quality of your valuable data resources.

Skilled Team

We, at Global Web Tech India, have a skilled and proficient team to take care of all your data and document management needs. Every team member understands the value each data asset holds.

Right People

We have designated experienced professionals at every level to manage every project with competency and accuracy in order to maintain consistency in our quality performance and deliverables.

Trial to Test

We offer free sample services to help you have a clear idea of how we work. It also helps us understand your requirements in a practical manner. This ensures a fair agreement between both the parties.

Affordable Pricing

After having a comprehensive idea about the nature of the job you want to assign us, we come up with the affordable pricing models – be it hourly based, fixed or dedicated for maximum transparency.

Ensured Data Security

We sign a non-disclosure agreement to offer complete assurance about the security of your crucial data assets that you hand over to us for refining, verification, validation, or cleansing.

Bring Your Challenges to Us

Looking forward to expand your customer reach through exact product listings, apt descriptions, and reviews? Reach us at [email protected] today for end-to-end Rakuten product listing and inventory management services customize for your online business.

Let's Help You With Customized Rakuten Product Listing and Management.

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