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Get Immediate Visibility for Your Website through Effective PPC services

Offering pay-per-click services to provide exceptional results to any company and reducing the cost per acquisition and offering an improvement in the return on investment, Global Web Tech India has a long history of success stories that have already given impetus to many online businesses.

Core PPC Services That We Offer

Our quality PPC services help you increase the traffic of potential customers to your website or portal, convert that traffic into customers, build loyalty and convert them into prescribers. The fundamental advantage of our PPC services is the possibility of connecting with the target audience of the message, without intermediaries, which allows it to be a complement to traditional advertising actions. Our PPC service package includes:

PPC Audits and Analysis

Ours is an experienced team to guide you through right steps that can help you improve overall PPC performance. We, at Global Web Tech India, focus on every minute detail of your existing PPC ads to tweak out the things that are making your ads weak. We perform comprehensive analysis on a regular interval of time to keep your PPC ads performance optimized. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to improving overall statistics with regular alterations in content and keywords, keeping investment as low as possible.

Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns

At Global Web Tech India, we are experts in designing and creating compelling Facebook Ad Campaigns, which help turn social media users into buyers. We have worked with small companies and multinational companies to save on their budgets and improve the return on investment (ROI). We design every campaign through an integral strategy of three stages, reducing the cost per acquisition by more than 60%. Our skilled team analyse these campaigns regularly to improve the conversions and sales ratio.

Constructive Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads can be your best allies if you draw the right campaigns, with the perfect strategy you can increase your sales while reducing pay per click. Our services help you maximize the return on investment in digital advertising, through budget management and a thorough tracking of the conversion rate. In addition, your campaign will benefit from our knowledge of the most innovative marketing techniques, which we have tested and tested to ensure the best results.

Credible Bing Ads Management

Bing Ads gives a wonderful opportunity to turn a user into a potential buyer or customer. We, at Global Web Tech India, make sure that your Bing ads are perfectly designed and structured as it is the first thing a user sees when they click on an ad. If they reach the web and do not find what they were looking for, it will not take more than a second for them to go and look for someone else. And, you will miss the opportunity, wasting money and efforts. Our team excels Bing Ads management for all types and sizes of companies.

Comprehensive Remarketing

Our specialized team for remarketing is dedicated to help business owners drive targeted audience on their website especially the ones who expressed their interest earlier. We create ads keeping the research criteria of such users, ensuring higher conversions and ROI. Our team has access to advanced tools that help them to extract details of different website visitors with their search mechanisms. This helps in effective remarketing and achieving great results.

Tailor-Made PPC Services for Achieving Nothing but the Exceptional Results!!

Our experienced team takes care of all your criteria while designing a fruitful PPC ad (Pay-Per-Click / "pay per click" ads) to maximize Return on Investment, achieving the best results and keeping the investment level as low as possible. We perform all the activities from keyword research to ad creation and analysis with utmost care to deliver an advertisement that can help you reach the target audience at right time.

For great results, our team has the necessary experience to optimize your campaign in the shortest possible time without investing a heavy amount. We ensure quality to be delivered on priority every time as our core responsibility for every customer we work for.

Why Choose Us

Our dedication and commitment to deliver valuable results set us apart from others in the industry. We stand true to our capability of enhancing the quality of data due to:


We work with great precision to store, refine, and refine your data assets. We rather store poor quality assets individually to avoid any harm to the overall quality of your valuable data resources.

Skilled Team

We, at Global Web Tech India, have a skilled and proficient team to take care of all your data and document management needs. Every team member understands the value each data asset holds.

Right People

We have designated experienced professionals at every level to manage every project with competency and accuracy in order to maintain consistency in our quality performance and deliverables.

Trial to Test

We offer free sample services to help you have a clear idea of how we work. It also helps us understand your requirements in a practical manner. This ensures a fair agreement between both the parties.

Affordable Pricing

After having a comprehensive idea about the nature of the job you want to assign us, we come up with the affordable pricing models – be it hourly based, fixed or dedicated for maximum transparency.

Ensured Data Security

We sign a non-disclosure agreement to offer complete assurance about the security of your crucial data assets that you hand over to us for refining, verification, validation, or cleansing.

Bring Your Challenges to Us

A PPC ad is the key to get your brand instantly visible and recognized by the target audience. To make most of it, reach us at [email protected] today and we will come up fresh PPC ideas that can serve the purpose of branding within affordable bid costs.

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